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Brandy T. Jones

Brandy T. Jones, founding President and CEO of  End the Red, has created the “Financial Abundance System” to empower women and future generations to successfully perform and maintain their finances with confidence, encouraging them to live a more financially responsible life – a life of Financial Abundance.  She is passionate about helping women and the next generation of young people explore their attitudes − positive and negative − concerning money, what it is, how it’s used, where it’s going, how and when to pay oneself first, how and where to understand their credit.

Stemming from personal experience, Ms. Jones has carried the vision of teaching finances to others for many years. She has walked in those shoes of being heavily in debt and for her, filing bankruptcy was not an option. The only way she could see to get out of her situation was to learn how to negotiate with her creditors and how to manage a budget. After accomplishing her goal, she felt it was a good time to reach out to train and educate others.  Ms. Jones is known for her authenticity and her ability to explain in simple language otherwise complex information into easy to follow plans that everyone will enjoy. Ms. Jones’ work has led her to create a system that has helped her private clients learn how to become better at managing their money more responsibly by sharing tools that make it fun to save money and understand the flow of money in our daily lives.

3 Keys to Breaking the Debt Cycle

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Brandy T. Jones
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“One of the most difficult conversations people don’t have is about money − first with themselves and second with their family.  Yet if you’re struggling to make ends meet, there isn’t enough money to give your kids a treat when they ask for one, then you NEED to have that conversation!”


End the Red
"Brandy T. Jones has such a warm, caring presence that comes through when she speaks. The story she shares about how she changed her own relationship with money ... is so inspiring I can't wait to learn what she has to offer and how it'll help change my own money struggles!"