For the past two years since Brandy shared with me the idea of saving five dollar bills, I’ve adopted the practice. While I find I don’t always want to put these bills aside (I occasionally hope when receiving change from a purchase that I’ll be given ones instead of fives!), I have found that doing so is very beneficial.

  • This practice gives me a sense of “having” – a feeling of prosperity – because I know that there is always that extra “pile of money” should I need it. And those five dollar bills have “saved my bacon” a time or two.
  • I can use the accumulated fives as a special savings account or for a special purchase I wouldn’t otherwise buy.
  • It’s also just fun to see the pile of fives grow.

“Saving your fives” is a great, fun way to “end the red.” It’s a habit worth developing.

~(Rev.) Jane A. Holt, Concord, CA – 3/9/15


My name is Graham Jessup and I have been a manager in the Restaurant/Retail field for over 30 years. It is my pleasure to write a letter of reference to Brandy Jones, whom I have known for many years.

Brandy’s personality and work background are why I think so highly of her. She has helped me sort out my financial challenges with a wonderful calmness and personal attention I really needed. She let me know from the beginning that whatever financial situation I was in – together – we would find a solution that would be easily attainable.

It has been my observation that Brandy is very loyal and passionate about all the companies she had worked for over her career. She has extensive experience in both management and customer service with many top companies, such as Wells Fargo.

I would highly recommend Brandy Jones as a Financial Consultant. Her customer skillset along with her amazing disposition equals someone who can be (or is with me!) a valuable asset for anyone looking for help. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

~Graham Jessup


Brandy T. Jones has such a warm, caring presence that comes through when she speaks. The story she shares about how she changed her own relationship with money, how she rose up from her financial situation is so inspiring – I can’t wait to learn what she has to offer and how it’ll help change my own money struggles!

~Gail Valeskie, Valeskie Virtual Wordsmith & Transcriptionist, American Canyon, CA


How I would describe you: I’d describe you as organized, focused, purposeful, committed to your cause, passionate in spreading your message, wanting to and willing to help others – from having smooth events to teaching people how to take charge of their lives again by getting out of debt and/or preventing debt, helping them create new visions for their present and their future.

How I view you: I view you as a strong and positive woman, who is goal oriented, compassionate and loving. Your smile is infectious and your vitality radiates around you.

~Rhonda Ross


How I view you: Brandy, I see you as so many things. First a peacemaker, who wants to help everyone she meets. You have grown so much since we met. From a sad person, who carried her past on her shoulders, to a free spirit, who has just begun to spread her wings. You a strong, loving mom, and daughter, and someone who always sees the potential in everyone as a challenge to help them grow and become who they aspire to be. You are learning to stay in the present and move forward, to learn from the past, but not live there. Just try to remember we cannot save everyone, but we can sure try.

Your soul is one of love and passion. You are a great friend, and I am blessed to know you.

~Patricia Regalia, DHHP, DMH


How I view you: Brandy, you are one of the most driven, organized people I know. You have one of the biggest hearts and generous to the people you value. You are passionate about advising individuals about finance.

~Wendy Herndon


I always look forward to seeing you. We have such a good time together. You are open and giving and just an incredible person, in my opinion. I have really enjoyed working with you on the NIA Collective board.



How I view you: I always think of you as ‘a lady.’ Extremely feminine but not delicate. VERY organized, focused, confident but somewhat shy, open to suggestion but determined with having things you own way. Ambitious, likes people but somewhat impatient.